17 October 2005

Ruby O-O programming and the big time

The local open source has scheduled for the next monthly meeting a talk on Ruby. The description says in part, "ruby is a newer, popular interpreted language supported on many platforms. It is respected for its powerful object oriented design."

Count me unimpressed. I guess if you compare it to perl, it does have a better implemented object facility than perl does. I'll take a less "fashionable" GNU Smalltalk over Ruby any day. GST is meant to be a scripting language just as Ruby is, however GST uses a different syntax that isn't borrowed from procedural based languages like C, C++, and Java (Yeah, I know C++ is supposed to be an OO language).

Hmmm, maybe I'll do a talk on GST at one of the upcoming meetings.

02 October 2005

More on OPML


OPML spec, but given that the spec is in a place that doesn't appear to be any place "official", I don't know how useful it is.

Maybe this is as professional as Dave gets. I'm not saying that Mr. Winer is a hack, in fact I think he's a bit of a visionary in the internet space, but it would be nice to see him link up with people or organizations that will fill in the blank spots that Dave leaves in his work. He's more of a hacker who needs some documenters to make his stuff into something usable to everyone else.

I'm comparing this work with the RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0 docs, which includes a more complete spec and an RDF definition. Another usable spec is the RSS 0.91 Spec, revision 3. In contrast to these specs is the RSS 2.0 Specification, that's another example of Dave's work. I'm not aware of sample files for the OPML spec like there are for the RSS 2.0 spec.