06 January 2006

Not all Smalltalks are the same

This post should have a post date of December 12, 2005, but I haven't had a chance to update my blog until now.

In this blog(?) posting The Power of Smalltalk IDE's Talios seems to mistake Dolphin IDE for all Smalltalk environments. I don't know exactly what he seems to be commenting on, because I've not seen the latest Dolphin Smalltalk (version 6). One of his problems is the autocomplete feature of Dolphin which seems to be referred to as "intellisense completion". Having run into this feature in other IDEs, I can appreciate his frustrations. I don't exactly type too fast (I'm being gentle with myself, my typing speed and accuracy is abysmal) and that feature is more of a bane than a blessing, and if not implemented well it's just a horror show.