30 October 2003


From the coconut.swiki.net home page:

It seems that the Pocket Smalltalk project is in limbo, so I decided to take the initiative to start this project which is based on the work that Eric Arseneau had done on the Squeak version and expand on it.

This project seeks to extend the work of Eric Arseneau and others to develop a tool to code applications for handhelds (currently Palm OS handhelds). The tool allows programmers to use Smalltalk to develop those applications.

This is a swiki, so technically you should be able to add content to the pages. However, having seen the mess that the yahoo groups procket smalltalk site has become, I have locked down the pages so that I have to allow you to add content. You also need to register with www.swiki.net to get an account. Sorry for the situation, but this is the best arrangements I could find for now.

-- October 30, 2003

I've moved this here because the swiki seems to be down more often than up.