30 September 2005

Idiots from Seattle

In this article
Some one has to say it
, James Robertson takes Scoble to task for his gushing over OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language).

I don't know why anyone takes anything that idiot Scoble says with any
seriousness at all.

He's a marketdroid from whose mouth spews nothing but
spam and stupid blatherings. Sure there are a large number of people that
hang on his every word "because he is influential." He acts like some
petulant 4 year old girl learning to be a floozy that she saw in one
of her mother's soap operas; either gushing about some M$ "innovation"
or blathering about anything negative said about some other product by
any other company but M$.

As for his self-proclaimed "geek" status, I
don't think so. It's all in his feeble imagination.