29 December 2006

GNU Smalltalk


I've seen several misconceptions about the way GNU Smalltalk works. This post includes a few of them. Yeah, I know the post is from a while ago.

Gnu Smalltalk by default is not graphic based.

The weird file syntax is one from the fileIn format. The bang (exclamation point) is used to "separate logical items". This format is also used by Squeak. Just fire up the "file list" browser in Squeak (available from the Open... menu item) to access the same type of files.

Adding the Browser package includes the gui most people are used to in Smalltalk. Adding the browser to GST is accomplished by starting GST and executing the following:

PackageLoader fileInPackage: 'Browser' !

This loads the package that you're interested in and takes care of the dependencies, if any. You can then save the image if you want so that you don't have to reload the pacakges with

ObjectMemeory snapshot: '/some/file/name' !


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