22 February 2006

More Silt 3

Trying this over again. When I tried to reuse the imageSiltFromRepository everything appeared to be broken. The new dirctory is imageSiltFR2. This image is built with SiltSSPFiles 1.26, Silt 2.25 and Client-Core 6.1. I need to check to see if these are the correct version numbers.

After setting up blog1 and blog2, I tried to go to and I got a bizarre error relating to '/usr/local/vw7.3.1nc/imageSiltFR2/blog2/View.ssp/css/impact-blog.css'. There's no such file, of course. There is a file '/usr/local/vw7.3.1nc/imageSiltFR2/source/css/impact-blog.css'. Hmmm.


At 19:30, Blogger James Robertson said...

Feel free to contact me at jrobertson@cincom.com to hash this problem out.


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