09 February 2006

Siltier, or the fallout from installing Silt

Well, I tried to install the blog server called Silt, written by James Robertson of Cincom Smalltalk fame. I first tried the pre-built image and configuration that is supposed to be self-contained except for your VW 7.3.1 VM.

I found that the thing didn't work unless you had all 3 of the XML parcels from the goodies/other directory and the WebToolkit from the web directory. I did this because I wanted to install Silt on a webserver and I didn't like carrying the whole VW 7.3.1 distribution (~500MB) onto the webserver. As it is the Silt distro is 31 MB with the total space used at 91 MB. I have other uses for the extra 400MB.

Well, I got all the extra modules set up on the server, did the

export VISUALWORKS=visualworks/home/directory

started the server, go to http://www.objectnets.com:9000/blog/blogView and I get this message:

Application Error

A fatal error has occurred in this application. Please contact this site's administrator.

No such file or directory ("/home/blogs/public_html/silt/image/blog/blogView")

My first thought is that the "No such file or directory..." should be in the log for the web server, not displayed on the error page.



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